2021 Calendar of Events


July 2021

                  July 16, 17

Gunfight Re-enactments

on the Santa Fe Trail - Look who participated!

(Up to 13 reenactment teams

each performing up to 30 min.) 

Music Entertainment

August 2021


Military on the Santa Fe Trail - all day, FREE
(Council Oak Park)

September 2021

June 2021

                  June 11
                          Michael Martin Murphey in Concert
                          Tallgrass Express String Band - Was Awesome!

                  June 12
                          Symphony in the Flint Hills - Inspiring & Beautiful
                          North Lakeview Pasture
                          Morris County, KS

                  June 18, 19
                        Washunga Days - Memorable Music & Fireworks                              Intertribal Powwow

                  September 4, 2021, 10 am
                          DAR Madonna Trudge
                  September 17, 18
                         Rendezvous at Council Grove
                            Voices of the Wind People Pageant  - Do now! Event only                              held every two years.   
ountain Men Encampment, 

                            Antique Wagon Show includes                                                            blacksmith, wheelwright and                                                              Santa Fe Trails Speakers
                    September 19
                            Faith on the Santa Fe Trail

Check back often for updates and details!

                  August 27

                  August 28


Reception of Mormon Batallion - 6 pm, FREE
(Kaw Mission Museum)