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Madonna Trudge






Council Oak Chapter invites women 

to participate in the second annual

Madonna Trudge  

10 a.m.,

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Start and finish from the Madonna Statue in Council Grove.

Distance to walk/run is approximately six blocks. It doesn't sound like much but in your long pioneer dress, boots, a baby in your arms, a gun by your side and a small child tugging on you, You'll get a small glimpse of what our pioneer ancestors experienced all day, every day as they moved across the West. 

Entry fee: $20

Prizes awarded are:

DAR Madonna Award - $250

Most like the pioneer woman represented by the Madonna Statue

DAR Best Attitude - $150

Best display of determined/stoic attitude, as represented by our pioneer ancestors

DAR Best Effort - $100 When life's challenges are huge and things don't go right, this woman perseveres. Her life depends on it!

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