Co A 10th Cavalry

The Buffalo Soldier Association of Wichita is a non-profit organization which endeavors to tell the story of the buffalo soldier through period encampments, riding demonstrations and public speaking engagements. Through partnerships with the National Park Service and other organizations this group strives to provide accurate portrayals of the men who served in the 10th Cavalry, Company A from their inception in 1866 through the mid- 1870’s. When in encampment the troop demonstrates the daily life of a trooper, provides discussions on the history of the Company, equipment, weapons and individuals who served during that period.

Our group is dedicated to keeping the memory of the buffalo soldiers alive for generations to come. To that end we provide demonstrations to schools, youth groups and participate in history displays.

Our encampment includes the following personnel:

            -Captain Nicholas Nolan, First Commanding Officer of Company A

            -First Sergeant Alan Armstrong, the first First Sergeant of Company A

            -Pvt. Oscar Clark

            -Pvt. JC McCowan

            -Laundress, Esther Clark

Kansas Border Outlaws

The Kansas Border Outlaws are riding into town for the Gunfight on the Santa Fe Trail this July 15th and 16th! They love teaching gun safety to kids and also about what it was like living back in the 1880’s. From gunslinging escapades to skits that will leave you in tears from laughing they truly are a pleasure to watch. This group was founded by Hoss and Daisy Lu and they are joined by Kitt and Katt Kolt, Lobo, Shorty, Black Jack and Doc Hinck.

Border Queen Regulators

The Border Queen Regulators gunfight group was officially formed in 2017 to promote the Chisholm Trail and Caldwell, Kansas’ wild and wooly cowtown heritage. Although the group wasn’t officially formed until 2017, the group has been putting on gunfights in Caldwell, Kansas for many years.

Since their assembly, this group has performed yearly at the Chisholm Trail Festival held in Caldwell and for the TV series Best of America by Horseback during the airing on the Chisholm Trail. The Border Queen Regulators has helped provide family entertainment shows to guest at Old Cowtown Museum during the museum’s off season as well. 

The Border Queen Regulators do historical reenactments of events that had happened in Caldwell during the height of the cattle drive era, in addition to folly reenactments of the period. 

The Border Queen Bella Saloon Girl group also steps in to provide ‘color’ to the shows now and then. 

The Border Queen Regulators and Border Queen Bellas give tours and talks for schools, large groups and organizations in Caldwell as well as at area events, festivals, and private events.

These groups are excited to be back performing at the Gunfight on the Santa Fe Trail and look forward to seeing everyone at the shows for two days full of family fun and entertainment you won’t want to miss.

Missouri Wild Bunch

The Missouri Wild Bunch is a post-Civil War cowboy living and history group. They portray the life and hardships of those trying to make a living after the war, between the years of 1865 to 1872. Life was hard for a lot of the men and a lot of hard feelings were being felt between people. Without jobs and money a lot of them turned to the outlaw ways. Some of them were guerilla riders during the war and were being tracked down by bounty hunters or others trying to seek revenge. 

They strive to do the best and look the best, with most of their members being direct descendants of the guerrilla riders that fought in Missouri and Kansas. They have also participated in the filming for documentaries and films for the History Channel as well as PBS. Make sure to come out to the Gunfight on the Santa Fe Trail, July 15th and 16th and watch them perform in person!

Flint Hills Outlaws

The Flint Hills Outlaws are making their way to Council Grove, July 15th and 16th. They love doing impressions from 1870-1880’s. From serious events that may have taken place during that time period, to having you laughing in your seats their performances are enjoyable for everyone. This band of outlaws is chomping at the bit to hit the stage but shhh…..don’t tell the Marshall they’re in town because many have a price on their heads. The group was founded by Lisa Mooney and consists of Dan, Wayne, Blackjack and Donald. So make sure you are on the lookout for them because you never know what’s going to happen!

Central City Wild Bunch

The Colorado Central City Wild Bunch have been doing western shows for over 15 years now. "We enjoy doing our shows for the whole family, so there’s a lot of comedy involved. I hope you’ll stop by and meet us! I want to thank the beautiful city of Council Grove, and Mr. Doc Hinck for bringing us to your city.”

Guthrie Gunfighters

The Guthrie Gunfighters INC is chartered though the State of Oklahoma as a nonprofit 501 (c)3, Old West & Victorian Historical Reenactment Group. We were established in August 1993 and are based out of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Our mission is to provide living history and old west gunfight performances for the people and tourists in Guthrie Oklahoma and events in the surrounding areas. We focus on the Land Rush of the Indian Territory, from the mid to late 1800’s. We perform throughout the state of Oklahoma and surrounding states at town festivals and events.